Is Cloud Guy A Troll?

Why is branch GREY in trolls 2?

His colors turned grey after he lost his grandmother years ago, due to his singing.

When all the Trolls lost their hope and turned grey, Branch regained his original colors by singing their hopes up, including his own, too..

Who is Princess Poppy’s voice in trolls?

Anna KendrickOn June 16, 2014, Anna Kendrick joined the cast to voice Poppy, a princess.

What does the cloud say to branch in trolls?

Cloud Guy: Little slappy, make daddy happy. Branch: That’s weird.

Is smidge guy diamonds kid?

Dj Suki and Guy diamond has a baby Boy, AJ (6 years old), Biggie and Smidge has a baby girl, Mara(6 year old), Cooper and Maya has a baby girl, Snowflakes(6 year old), Satin, Chenille and Shiny is now Married and has a two twin baby girl, Lucy and Lisa(6 year old).

Can Boy trolls have babies?

Though child Trolls of each Tribe do have parents, normally both a male and female Troll, little details are given on the Troll reproduction process that leads to the creation of baby Trolls. This is mostly because of the fact the Trolls franchise itself is aimed at children.

Where do troll poppies live?

20 years later, the Trolls live in the forest, with Poppy (now played by Anna Kendrick) leading them all in a song. Her dad Peppy (voice of Jeffrey Tambor) is king, and her Troll friends include Biggie (voice of James Corden), a big Troll with a worm friend named Mr.

Who is the bad troll in trolls?

Creek’s catchphrase Boop! Creek is the hidden secondary antagonist of Trolls, and a recurring character in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! and Trolls: TrollsTopia. He’s a former member of The Snack Pack, owed to the events of Trolls and replaced by Branch shortly after the film.

What is the rock troll called?

Karan Soni as Riff, a Hard Rock Troll and Barb’s laid back drummer. Anderson Paak as Prince D, the cool Prince of the Funk Trolls who is part Hip-Hop and Cooper’s twin brother. George Clinton as King Quincy, the friendly King of the Funk Trolls and Cooper and Prince D’s father.

How old is Princess Poppy from trolls?

In the beginning, Poppy is only a toddler. She was supposedly one to three at this time and later she is possibly 21 to 23 years old. She was supposed to be served to the young Prince Gristle as his first troll. In Trolls World Tour She is 24 years old.

What is the cloud guy’s name in trolls?

Walt Dohrn: Smidge, Fuzzbert, Cloud Guy, Mr. Dinkles, Tunnel Troll, Wedgie Bergen #2.

Who is the Rockstar troll?

BarbBarb is a muddy red-skinned Rock Troll with a bright red mohawk. Her left ear is missing the tip and she has a hoop earring in it; on her other ear are two earrings.

Who is the boy troll?

CastCast overview, first billed only:Anna Kendrick…Poppy (voice)Justin Timberlake…Branch (voice)Zooey Deschanel…Bridget (voice)Christopher Mintz-Plasse…King Gristle (voice)11 more rows

Is smidge a girl Troll?

Smidge (Kevin Michael Richardson), a small female Troll with a masculine voice and one of Poppy’s friends.