Question: Can’T Wait To Or For?

Can’t wait to see you idiom?

One is very excited or eager for something to happen; it will be difficult for one to wait for it.

The phase can be used as part of a sentence or by itself as an exclamation.

I can’t wait to see you and the girls—it’s been way too long.

See you tomorrow!.

What is a word for waiting for something to happen?

1 await, linger, abide, delay.

How do you say waiting for you?

3 Answers. “I am waiting for you” is grammatically correct. You may use “I’m waiting” but without using “you” afterwards. You should use ‘waiting for you’.

Are in a sentence?

When deciding whether to use is or are, look at whether the noun is plural or singular. If the noun is singular, use is. If it is plural or there is more than one noun, use are. The cat is eating all of his food.

What can I say instead of can’t wait?

What is another word for can’t wait?look forward tocovethanker forpine afterpine foryearn forbe unable to wait forhope foritch forlong for83 more rows

Can’t wait to try it out meaning?

: to be very excited about doing something or eager for something to happen or begin I can’t wait to try your apple pie.

What’s the difference between waiting for and waiting on?

To ‘wait on’ someone means to serve someone. “The hotel staff waited on the couple at their wedding dinner.” To ‘wait for’ something or someone means we are expecting something to happen or we are waiting for someone.

Can’t wait to see you message for her?

I Love You and Can’t Wait To See You I want to spend every day of my life with you. I can’t wait to kiss your lips and wrap my arms around you. You are special and I can’t wait to be with you again. You are worth everything in the world because I have never felt the happiness you brought to my life from anyone else.

Can’t wait or Cannot wait?

Be very eager, anxious, or impatient, as in We can’t wait for the baseball season to begin or I can’t wait to see Dad—it’s been a year. While the literal sense of being unable to wait (for lack of time) is much older, this figurative usage dates only from about 1930.

How do you use waiting in a sentence?

Waiting sentence examplesAre you still there, waiting for me to come to you? … I’ve been waiting here for you to call. … She didn’t know the call had gone through because I was waiting for her to stop talking. … We got a war to fight and women waiting for us. … Carmen watched him silently, waiting for an explanation.More items…

How do you say can’t wait to see you?

Well, this list of ‘I can’t wait to see you’ quotes knows no label!”I really miss you and just can’t wait to be in your arms again.””I can’t wait to see you, babe. … “I can’t wait to see you. … “A day without a loved one is like a thousand years of bondage.”More items…•

Can’t wait no longer meaning?

used for saying that a situation has ended or someone has stopped doing something. She couldn’t wait any longer.

What is the sentence of enjoyed?

We enjoyed every minute of the party. He enjoyed skiing to his heart’s content. He enjoyed the vacation to his heart’s content. She enjoyed talking with him.

Can’t wait to see you all meaning?

to be very excited about something and eager to do or experience it: I can’t wait to see you.

Can’t wait to eat meaning?

“I can’t wait for dinner” (not “I can’t be waiting”) is a set expression, not to be taken literally. It doesn’t mean that you will die of starvation in the next few seconds. It may mean that you’re very hungry—or that dinner promises to be delicious, and you’re eagerly looking forward to enjoying it.

Can’t wait till or for?

It would be more “formal” to say: I can’t wait till/until Friday. Also, as FumbleFingers mentions, this use of “to” is not usually written except as a quote or as reported speech.

Can’t wait to see you again synonym?

“Synonyms for I can’t wait to see you again” (accessed January 21, 2021)….List search.3»i’m counting down the days exp.2»i’ve been thinking of you exp.2»i can’t stop thinking about you exp.2»i can’t wait to be with you again exp.17 more rows