Question: How Can I Please Lord Vishnu?

How can I get blessing of Lord Vishnu?

If you want to seek blessings of Lord Vishnu without spending a lot of money, read on.Wear yellow clothes on Thursday.

Thursdays are dedicated to Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter) as well as Lord Vishnu.

Eat yellow food.

Scientific reason for wearing yellow on Thursday.Lord Vishnu.

Donate yellow food items.

Lord Shiva.

Guru Mantra..

Why Lord Vishnu is not Worshipped?

Some shaivas don’t worship vishnu. … People who show difference between hari and hara, will not get any protection from any god they worship. God will give protection even to an athiest, if she/he performs good deeds. Once lord vishnu told Naarada maharshi, “shiva is the one whom I respect the most.

How did Vishnu die?

Even God’s like indra, varuna, vayu etc, they don’t die like us, they have celestial bodies not bone and flesh bodies like us, once their duration of life over , they merge into universal body of Narayana, they are not subject old age disease and death like us, they have taken nectar which was to them by Lord Vishnu …

How do you make Vishnu happy?

Vishnu Puja Procedure or VidhiTake bath early morning and keep fast during the day.Chant Vishnu Sahastranama and Narayana mantra 108times to make puja successful.Om Hreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Laxminarayanaaya Namah ||While offering Asana to Lord Vishnu on the chowki recite Beeja mantra.

Which fruit Lord Shiva likes?

Bananas are considered an auspicious fruit and hence it is offered to Lord Shiva.

How do you worship Lord Vishnu at home daily?

Praying to Vishnu:Make sure you pray only after taking shower.You should also clean your teeth before praying to Vishnu.Your clothes should ideally be yellow and clean or at least clean.Always apply a tilak of either yellow sandalwood or a mix of turmeric and sandalwood.More items…•

Is Narayana a Vishnu?

Narayana (Sanskrit: नारायण, IAST: Nārāyaṇa) is known as one who is in yogic slumber on the celestial waters, referring to Lord Maha Vishnu. … According to Madhvacharya, Narayana is one of the five Vyuhas of Vishnu, which are cosmic emanations of God in contrast to his incarnate avatars.

Where do Lord Vishnu live?

VaikunthaHe is considered to live in the city of Vaikuntha on Mt. Meru, where everything is made of shining gold and fabulous jewels and where there are lakes resplendent with lotus flowers.

Who is powerful Krishna or Vishnu?

Krishna is one tenth of MahaVishnu. If Krishna is 1, Vishnu is 10. If Krishna is 1,00,00,000, Vishnu is 10,00,00,000. So power of Vishnu is ten times better than Krishna’s.

What is the mantra of Lord Vishnu?

Dwadasakshari MantraIt is called the Dwadasakshari Mantra or simply Dwadasakshari, meaning the “twelve-syllable” mantra dedicated to Vishnu and Lord Krishna both. It has two traditions—Tantric and Puranic. In the Tantric Tradition, the Rishi of the Mantra is Prajapati; in the Puranic Tradition the Rishi is Narada.

Is Vishnu good or bad?

Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the universe. His role is to return to the earth in troubled times and restore the balance of good and evil. So far, he has been incarnated nine times, but Hindus believe that he will be reincarnated one last time close to the end of this world.

Who killed Lord Vishnu?

Sharabha is an avatar of Shiva, part-lion and part-bird, that is usually only found in southern India. It is believed to be the most powerful incarnation of Shiva. In Shaivite Hindu mythology, Shiva takes the form of Sharabha to subdue Narasimha (an avatar of Vishnu).

Which day is good for Lord Vishnu?

ThursdayThursday is dedicated to the supreme God- Vishnu. Devotees offer milk, ghee, etc during its worship. Those fasting on the day are allowed to eat milk products that too just once. Yellow is the colour of the day.

What is Lord Vishnu Favourite food?

02/11Lord Vishnu He loves munakka, honey, chana daal and bananas. Unlike Shiva who is content with whatever is offered to him as he is a yogi, Lord Vishnu is worshipped with an elaborate meal which may include 56 types of cooked and uncooked food items.

Why is Lord Vishnu blue?

Generally Lord Vishnu described as having blue skin. The color blue represents His infinite force. According to a Dyana mantra of Lord Vishnu we can know that His complexion is as cloud of blue sky. … He is Bluish because he is infinite and immeasurable like the sky which end can’t be discovered.

What is the Favourite food of Lord Shiva?

No doubt, Bhaang is the favourite food of Lord Shiva. The drink is made from crushed hemp leaves. It is also said that the drink helps to cure many ailments and get rid of all sorts of pain. Milk or any sweet made with milk is offered on Shivratri.

Who is the god of food?

Demeter, in Greek religion, daughter of the deities Cronus and Rhea, sister and consort of Zeus (the king of the gods), and goddess of agriculture. Her name indicates that she is a mother. Demeter, statue, mid-4th century bce; in the British Museum, London.

Who came first Lord Shiva or Vishnu?

Answer is lord Shiva, he is god of gods he has no start and no end. Read Shiva purana Shiva send divine energy to universe from which Vishnu came and from his naval circle a lotus came in which Brahma came..