Question: What Does It Mean To Smile Dryly?

How do you use wholly in a sentence?

Use “wholly” in a sentence | “wholly” sentence examplesShe had acted in ways that he found wholly admirable.He was completely/totally/wholly unprepared for what he saw.His comments were wholly inappropriate on such a solemn occasion.I am wholly incredulous of the truth of his story.His mind was wholly taken up with the question.More items…•.

What does wryly mean?

The adverb wryly describes something that is done in a wry manner, like making a clever comment or witty observation. Things that are wry are funny but don’t necessarily make you laugh, and that applies to speaking and writing wryly as well.

What does a dry smile mean?

Someone whose smile is very dull. Not very real or happy.

How do you use dryly in a sentence?

(1) They’re not likely to give you money,’he remarked dryly. (2) ‘I hear you’re a hero,’ Philip said dryly. (3) He spoke little and dryly. (4) I must apologise for returning somewhat dryly to the procedural point that has been raised during the debate.

What is another word for dry?

What is another word for dry?aridbakedwaterlessdehydratedparchedtorriddesiccatedscorchedthirstydroughty51 more rows

What does dryly mean?

If you say something dryly, you say it in a funny but matter-of-fact way.

What does drily mean?

I feel like a kid again/ˈdraɪ.li/ being funny in a way that is not obvious: “I know it sounds strange, but when I get to the beach I feel like a kid again.” “We noticed,” she said drily. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Humor & humorous.

Is perseverant a word?

: able or willing to persevere : enduring with hope perseverant— Coventry Patmore.

What does a sly smile mean?

smile, look, or remarka sly smile, look, or remark shows that the person doing it knows something that other people do not know.

What is the meaning of sardonic?

: disdainfully or skeptically humorous : derisively mocking a sardonic comment.

What does baffled mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to defeat or check (someone) by confusing or puzzling : to confuse or frustrate completely : disconcert Her behavior baffled her parents.

Is it dryly or drily?

The Oxford Canadian dictionary gives dryly (also drily), whereas its Australian companion gives drily (also dryly).

How do you spell slyly?

in a deceitful manner; cunningly: They slyly plot to overthrow us.

What is the meaning of ironic?

: using words that mean the opposite of what you really think especially in order to be funny. : strange or funny because something (such as a situation) is different from what you expected. See the full definition for ironic in the English Language Learners Dictionary. ironic. adjective.

Is being sly a bad thing?

Being sly is being deceitful, though not in the worst way. If you’re good at lying, you’re quite sly: people who are sly are good at pulling one over on other people. Being sly helps you get away with things. … Slyness has to do with smaller, sneakier, more harmless kinds of lying.

Is Sly positive or negative?

“Cunning” is more negative, meaning “good at deceiving people” (though in the past it used to be equivalent to “cute”!). “Sly” is about the same as “cunning”. You might also consider “scheming” if she has specific intentions, and “devious” if she hides her true intentions.