Quick Answer: What Is The Ribosomes In A Restaurant?

How a restaurant is like a cell?

A cell is like a restaurant, and the organelles inside act as some things would inside a restaurant.

Cell Membrane (controls what comes in/out of the cell): The cell membrane is equivalent to the entrance doors of a restaurant, they are how people get in and out..

How a cell is like a?

A cell is like a car. The nucleus of a cell would be like the driver of a car, they control the cell/car. Cell membrane is like the doors on a car. They regulate what goes in/out.

What is a mitochondria in a restaurant?

Mitochondria: Oven. The oven for the restaurant releases energy to cook the food, just like the mitochondria releases the energy for cells to use.

What are the two main function of ribosomes?

A ribosome is a cell organelle. It functions as a micro-machine for making proteins. Ribosomes are composed of special proteins and nucleic acids. The TRANSLATION of information and the Linking of AMINO ACIDS are at the heart of the protein production process.

What is a ribosome simple definition?

ribosome. [ rī′bə-sōm′ ] A sphere-shaped structure within the cytoplasm of a cell that is composed of RNA and protein and is the site of protein synthesis. Ribosomes are free in the cytoplasm and often attached to the membrane of the endoplasmic reticulum. Ribosomes exist in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

What is the main function of ribosome?

Ribosomes have two main functions — decoding the message and the formation of peptide bonds. These two activities reside in two large ribonucleoprotein particles (RNPs) of unequal size, the ribosomal subunits. Each subunit is made of one or more ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) and many ribosomal proteins (r-proteins).

What is the vacuole of a restaurant?

Vacuole/Freezer The Vacuole holds all the food and water. The freezer holds all the food and stores it there. The freezer holds all the food just like the Vacuole holds all the food in the cell.

What would the Golgi apparatus be in a restaurant?

The Golgi Apparatus is like the waiters of the restaurant because the waiters put in the order for a dish, receive it, and then carry it out from the kitchen to deliver it to the customer in the same way that the Golgi Apparatus processes, sorts, and delivers proteins in the cell.

How a cell is like a house?

The cytoplasm of a cell can be compared to the interior of a house. The interior of a house contains all the objects in the house in it, protecting them from any outside forces. Similarly, the cytoplasm protects the organelles within it by enclosing them and filling up any spaces between them.

How a cell is like a school?

in or out. The Cell Wall is like the beams in a school because it provides the school support. The Chloroplast is like the cafeteria in a school because it is where the students in a school get their energy. The Large Central Vacuole is like a swimming pool because it stores water for the swim team.

Why do ribosomes have two subunits?

Ribosomes consist of two subunits that fit together (Figure 2) and work as one to translate the mRNA into a polypeptide chain during protein synthesis (Figure 1). Because they are formed from two subunits of non-equal size, they are slightly longer in the axis than in diameter.

What would ribosomes be in a restaurant?

The nucleolus of a cell is like a sous-chef in a restaurant. They assemble the “ribosomes” in a cell. The dishes in a restaurant are like Ribosomes in cells because proteins are assembled on them, and they’re scattered all around the cell. … They are used to store materials such as water, proteins, and starches.