Quick Answer: What Types Of Questions Would Twin Studies Not Be As Helpful?

For what types of questions would twin studies not be as helpful?

I believe that some of the questions that can be answered about human development with twin studies are: o Questions about personality, behavior, attitude and physical traits.

I believe that the twin studies wouldn’t be great to answer: o Nature vs Nurture because there are different type of twins..

Why are twin studies considered the best type of kinship studies?

How many pairs of chromosomes do normal human cells have? One of the most useful types of kinship studies focuses on twins who have been reared apart. Lack of common experiences makes it more likely that similarities are attributable to genetic factors.

What is Twin method?

The twin method consists of a formal comparison between the resemblance between identical (monozygotic, MZ) twins and the resemblance between fraternal (dizygotic, DZ) twins for some trait of interest.

Do twins have the same DNA?

It is true that identical twins share their DNA code with each other. This is because identical twins were formed from the exact same sperm and egg from their father and mother. (In contrast, fraternal twins are formed from two different sperm and two different eggs.)

Why are twins different heights?

Some identical twins can have different heights and weights. This is because height and weight are controlled by what you eat as well your DNA. Differences in diet can start earlier than you might imagine. When the twins are growing inside the uterus, there can be differences in how well they connect to the placenta.

What problems are there with twin studies?

Although the authors of psychiatry and psychology textbooks and other mainstream publications usually endorse genetic interpretations of psychiatric twin studies uncritically, there is a fatal flaw underlying these studies: identical twin pairs grow up experiencing much more similar environments than experienced by …

What is a twin or kinship study?

Twin and kinship studies are important methods used in biological psychology as they allow researchers to see links between genes and behaviour.

Who carries the twin gene?

While men can carry the gene and pass it on to their daughters, a family history of twins doesn’t make them any more likely to have twins themselves. 3 But, if a father passes on the “twin gene” to his daughter, then she may have a higher chance than normal of having fraternal twins.

Do twins have the same fingerprints?

The bottom line But, like those who aren’t twins, identical twins all have unique fingerprints. Due to environmental factors that affect their development inside the womb, it’s impossible for identical twins to have the exact same fingerprints.

How do twin studies help us understand the effects of nature and nurture?

The traditional way of studying nature versus nurture relies on twins. Because identical twins share the same genetic code, comparing the health of twins can help determine whether genetic or environmental factors play more of a role in their health.

Why are studies of identical twins raised in different environments extremely valuable?

Why are studies of identical twins raised in different environments extremely valuable in understanding the causes of a disease? They are extremely valuable in understanding the causes of a disease, because it differentiates between nature vs. nurture.

What do twin studies tell us?

Twin studies allow researchers to examine the overall role of genes in the development of a trait or disorder. Comparisons between monozygotic (MZ or identical) twins and dizygotic (DZ or fraternal) twins are conducted to evaluate the degree of genetic and environmental influence on a specific trait.

Are twin studies credible?

Twin studies are pretty much useless. How reliable is studying twins? … Researchers compare some behavior or trait in a set of pairs of monozygotic (identical) twins and a set of pairs of dizygotic (fraternal) twins.

What is the purpose of kinship studies?

In order to understand social interaction, attitudes, and motivations in most societies, it is essential to know how their kinship systems function. and age. Kinship also provides a means for transmitting status and property from generation to generation.

Can identical twins be different genders?

In very rare cases, identical twins can be different sexes. These twins begin as identical male twins. Like all males, they both have XY sex chromosomes, instead of XX like all females do. Very soon after the egg splits in two, a genetic mutation causes one twin to lose its Y sex chromosome, changing it to X0.

Which of the following is the most accurate description of the methodological advantage of twin studies?

Which of the following is the most accurate description of the methodological advantage of twin studies? … Because twins share DNA it is possible to estimate the contribution of genetics to their personality and behavior.

Can one twin have schizophrenia?

The twin studies showed that if one identical twin has schizophrenia, then there is a 30-50% chance that the other twin will have it as well. If a fraternal twin has schizophrenia, then there is a 15% chance that the other twin will have it as well.

Which is a common criticism of twin studies?

Criticisms of fundamental assumptions Critics of twin studies argue that they are based on false or questionable assumptions, including that monozygotic twins share 100% of their genes and the equal environments assumption.